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Casinos SXM has plenty of adult entertainment/activities. We have a separate section on casinos. All have one-armed bandits and most have table games. Only a few have sports books. Princess Casino at Port de Plaisance and Casino Royale at Maho have shows, but neither are as risqué as Vegas. The model on the right was part of a lingerie show at Princess Casino. She and several of her co-workers at The Platinum Club modeled lingerie from a shop on the island.

Which brings us to strip clubs. There are three in Simpson Bay: The Platinum Room in Maho, Red Diamond (formerly Golden Eyes) near the Dutch Bridge, and Bada Bing near the eastern end of the the airport runway. They are all open from about 10PM until 5AM and generally feature eastern European and Dominican women. Bada Bing has added a bar, restaurant, pool, and lounge. They are now open 24/7 serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Lingerie model
The women from the clubs frequently go out for shows elsewhere. Most often beaches are involved. Waikiki Beach frequently has skimpily attired girls on the tables or parading through the restaurant.

Nude beach The nude beaches (officially the southern end of Orient and unofficially Happy Bay and the northern end of Cupecoy, see SXM-Beaches) would seem to be adult places, but the theory is that nothing of an adult nature occurs on the beaches. It is merely people interested in all-over tans. I haven't seen too much happening on the beaches in 17 years, but I have seen more than nothing. If nothing else, it is a place to meet and greet. Many people use the Orient Beach Forum to set up meetings. There is also a Meet and Greet Bar associated with the Adult Toy Box in the Three Palms Plaza in Cole Bay. Nude beach

Cher at L'Escargot The Friday night cabaret at L'Escargot Restaurant on Front Street in Philipsburg features various lip-synching singers. Some are straight and some are female impersonators. That really isn't Cher on the left and Christine Aguilera never had a tan like that on the right. It's a great show and other than the skimpy costumes, not all that "adult," especially when you consider that they are guys. The audience, on the several times that I have been there, was overwhelmingly straight (I think).

Eros Club on Rue Victor Maurasse behind Arawak on the Marigot Waterfront claims to be a gay bar and club. Nanou organizes Chippendale parties, Miss Drag Queen Shows, go-go boys, male lingerie fashion shows, etc. I'm guessing the patrons are mostly gay.

Just a note on gay acceptance. The tourists who come to SXM are rather worldly. For the most part they accept gays, blacks, drinking, gambling, strip clubs, topless beaches, nude beaches, sex shops, even pleasure palaces. Even the locals are generally laid back, but there was an incident several years ago that received a lot of attention. The perps were caught and prosecuted.

Christine Aguilera at L'Escargot

Nude dining There are two places that advertise a nude environment. Club Orient made Orient Beach famous and sits at the southern end of Orient Beach. The beach, grounds around the various cottages, and restaurant are nude. Club Fantastico has opened recently in a large villa up the hill from the beach. It is a nude bed and breakfast with six rooms and a pool. Their claim is that they are owned and staffed by nudists. That may be a plus. It may be a minus. In any event, it's quite a walk from there to the nude section of Orient Beach. Of course, you can always rent a villa and wear whatever you please inside. There are several with private outdoor areas suitable for sunbathing au naturel, including our own.

And, yes Virginia, prostitution is legal on the Dutch side and ignored on the French side. In 2011 it was announced by the St Maarten government that the number of houses would be increased by two. One can only conclude that business is rising. El Capitan is the former Seaman's Club (I am not making this up) on the back side of the pond in Philipsburg. A little further outside of town on the right is Defiance Haven, the former dorms of the American University School. Keep heading toward Oyster Pond and one gets to the Sunset Retreat (Yellow Building) and after that Casablanca (White House). That is the extent of my knowledge. Those requiring more info should read this.

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