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Celine's Lagoon Pub Crawl   The island is only 37 square miles surrounded by water and the land contains more water: the lagoon. The lagoon pub crawl combines boating with the island's two best tourist experiences: eating and drinking. Arrive at Skipjack's at 6:30 PM and start with a steak, fish, or chicken kebab with a baked potato, salads, and a welcoming drink. Head out to Uncle Harry's for another drink and some snacks and finish at Three Palm Plaza for dessert. See their website for more details.

Captain Neil also does day trips to Tintamarre and sunset cruises on the lagoon. We had a great time on the trip to Tintamarre and especially liked the the lunch featuring seafood paella. We've also gone out on Celine for the Heineken Regatta.

Créole Rock has the best snorkeling on St Martin featuring sea turtles, barracuda, tangs, puffers, moray eels, lobsters, starfish, trunkfish, and more. The Grand Case Beach Club activities desk will zip you out to Créole Rock in a few minutes and a dive-master will guide you through the warm and crystal-clear waters for two hours.   Snorkel Trips

Random Wind   Random Wind will generally heads out to Bay Long and Bay Rouge starting from Skipjack's in Simpson Bay. There are lovely views of the southern side of the island and the western coast featuring the cliffs of Cupecoy. They have snacks and drinks plus a great lunch along the way. The highlight is a Tarzan swing. Do your thing on the swing and drop into the water for a swim.

Tropical Wave   We've kayaked with both Tri Sport and Tropical Wave. TriSport is on the lagoon in Simpson Bay and Tropical Wave is on Galion Beach. Tropical Wave also has windsurfers and paddle boats! Trisport has bicycles for rent and accessories for sale.   TriSport

Marci's Mega Gym


  Above Tri Sport is Marci's Mega Gym 2000 with lots of cardio equipment, many machines, free weights, and classes that include yoga, dance, and more. We go there almost every day.

We went out on Flagship on one of the nicest days of the 2010/11 high season. We left from Anse Marcel and headed west in the Anguilla channel, turned north around the western end of Anguilla and anchored at Sandy Island for a snorkel. We then headed to Little Bay feasting on a platter of snacks. We swam for a bit upon arrival and feasted on a wonderful lunch featuring grilled chicken and merguez. We headed home reaching Anse Marcel as the sun set.


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