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Edith and shell art On Sunday 10 April we went to an Arts in the Park festival at Emilio Wilson Park in St Peters. On the left is Edith with some of her shell art. She polishes the shells and cuts out pieces that look like various things, dolphins, elephants, birds, etc. This one is a pig.

On the right is a mini-garden from Marci Cooke of Marci's Mega Gym.

Marci with mini-gardens

Jill and watercolors and prints On the left is Jill Alexander with her watercolors and prints. On the right is art that I understand. These are flavored rums from Rhum des Pirates. This is my kind of art. Punch de Pirates

The Rhythm Boys On the left are The Rhythm Boys, St Maarten's own string band. On the right is Fredy Maurras and some of his art. There are oil paintings, but the most original work is made from sand from actual beaches depicted in the painting.

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