Sunsets taken from Caravanserai

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Sunset Sunset Sunset

Sunset Sunset Sunset
These photos were taken at the original Bamboo Bernies on the waterfront at Caravanserai. Now that they have moved, there is no sunset view.

These photos are in order. The sun dropped out of the clouds as a stinkpot came by. A bit later, the sun was between Tango and Lambada as they ran back to Simpson Bay. No green flash as it sank into haze on the horizon. All photos will enlarge, if clicked. Use your back button to return.

Sunset Sunset Sunset
Had a fabulous week from 3-17 to 3-22-2005, weather was perfect, great food & drinks, friendly people and, oh the SUNSETS!! wonderful memories!

Sue & Rich, Laurel Springs, New Jersey

Note: The camera clock is on US east coast time. The sun sets about 6:15 PM on the vernal equinox here in SXM.

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