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Lowlands/Cupecoy feature

Sunset at Cupecoy Sunset at Cupecoy Sunset at Cupecoy
The first photo was cropped to form the background for all the logos throughout the SXM-Info family of websites. All of these photos were taken from the balcony of the Caribbean View Condo. The center photo was taken with less zoom and a bit after the one on the left. The one on the right was another night when the setting sun lit up the mare's tails toward Saba.

Caribbean View This is the view from the Caribbean View Condo. Saba is almost always visible and frequently Statia is to its left. St Kitts ofter peeks out a bit further to the left and on really clear days, Nevis can be seen. It's a lovely one bedroom condo at Sapphire Beach Club with many extras, including this teak dining set on the balcony. The cheeseburger in paradise is up to you. Visit the website to learn more about this fabulous space. hamburger

Monlolith Monolith cairns
Here are three famous Cupecoy photos. The first has a photo of the monolith at the Cupecoy dock and some of the nearby rocks. About ten years ago one could walk on dry sand covering the nearby rocks to the monolith, but ever since Hurricane Luis this has not been possible. The center is a closeup of the monolith, showing that it really is a duolith. The final shot shows that some visitors to the area had entirely too much time on their hands. Their cairns lasted through the end of the 2004/5 high season.

The Starz Casino (formerly Atlantis) is here and has a constantly changing array of restaurants. Dino Jagtiani is the first island resident to graduate from th Culinary institute of America. His restaurant, Temptation serves some very interesting cuisine in an upscale location and has been here a long time. Temptation

rockface sandstone and sky sandstone and sky
Here are three more famous Cupecoy photos. The first is a photo of the rock face in the little cove. This is the same photo that is part of the rotation on the home page of SXM-Info. That photo was take around the turn of the century and shows the sunset glinting off the sand. Today there is no sand to be found under this face, just six foot of rock. The middle shot shows the pinkish sandstone and clear blue sky that arrives in May. The final shot shows the pinkish sandstone and well-tanned bottom that also arrives in May.

Table at La Samanna Just over the border in the French lowlands is La Samanna: fabulous location, fabulous food. There are two restaurants here, the formal dining room with the fabulous view of Bay Long and the intimate table in the wine cellar, where the views are almost as nice - if you love fine wines.

If you are driving around the island, the next location to the east is Bay Rouge, Nettle Bay, and Sandy Ground or head south to through Mullet Bay and Maho Bay to Simpson Bay.

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