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Bougainvillea Grand Case Bay Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church
Who hasn't strolled down restaurant row and admired this stunning Bougainvillea in years gone by? The middle photo is essentially the view from the belvedere at Grand Case Beach Club. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church is quite close to the spot where the bougainvillea was before it died out.

Sunset Sunset from La Marine Restaurant Sunset from the Gypsy Queen
Taking sunset photos in Grand Case is like shooting fish in a barrel. The one on the left was taken at Domaine de L'Amandier, now Shambala. The beautiful photo in the center was taken from the dining room at La Marine Restaurant which became Le Ti Provençal and is once more closed. The final shot requires a boat out on Grand Case Bay, heading east at sunset.

sign up here lots to do
The Grand Case Beach Club activities desk can get you in on the activities in the next photo or take you on a trip to Créole Rock in the background for the best snorkeling on the island. All right, it's not on the island of St Martin, it's a few hundred yards offshore. Go for a morning snorkel and have a great lunch at Sunset Café. You'll have a great view of Créole Rock and the food is pretty good, too. Sunset Cafe

Carl at Ti Coin Creole Heading back toward the setting sun, one finds Carl Phillips using his parent's remodelled Créole cottage as the home of his Ti Coin Créole Restaurant. Nearby is Tijon Perfumery and Spiga Restaurant. Tijon Perfumery

Il Nettuno View from Restaurant Le Soleil Restaurant Le Soleil
Il Nettuno Restaurant is another outpost of fine Italian cuisine with a great view of Grand Case Bay. There's a bit of tomato sauce here, but Il Nettuno is known for fine northern Italian cuisine and wonderful seafood. They are open for lunch in high season and that is essentially the view, except the photo was taken next door at Restaurant Le Soleil, also open for lunch, but serving fine French cuisine with an accent on Alsace.

What a boner! This is the variety store between Il Nettuno Restaurant and Restaurant Le Soleil and a view of the sunset from Soleil. Sunset from Restaurant du Soleil

Blue Martini Blue Martini is conveniently located in the center of Grand Case. They serve fine French food in the dining room and delicious tapas in the garden bar in the back. The garden stays open late and frequently has a band. They are conveniently located next to the parking lot. Parking

Bistrot Caraïbes Bistrot Caraïbes Auberge Gourmande
Amaury and Thibault at Bistrot Caraïbes have been pleasing diners for many years. Even if you don't dine there, you should be pleased at how they have refurbished the this building on the corner at the entrance to restaurant row. You can't help but appreciate the work that was done on the Créole cottage that is now Auberge Gourmande. You'll appreciate the food and service also.

On the water side of the street in one of the oldest houses in the village, LE TASTEVIN will charm you with the attention to each detail of the decoration as well as to the extraordinary cuisine. On the garden terrace built around the venerable coconut trees and overlooking the magnificent bay of Grand Case, begin your evening with a refreshing cocktail while enjoying one of the most spectacular sunsets in the Caribbean. The view from the dining room

Donna and Pascal In the center of town behind a cute collection of shops, you can find Piazza Pascal, run by chef Pascal Paviani and his wife Donna. Pascal is of Italian heritage, but hails from France. He headed to America to perfect his English, met Donna, and stayed a bit longer. They have recently come to the island and opened a French/Italian restaurant with an eclectic wine list and Donna's warm and friendly service. All that and some of the best prices on the street. Entrance

Le Cottage On the left is Florence and Christophe from La Villa. They recently updated the old Alabama Restaurant and now provide fine service and great French cuisine in a stylish new space.

La Boheme Press Fishpot
The Pressoir is the colorful blue and yellow restaurant named after the old sugar press across the street. Fish Pot has been on the main corner of Grand Case since it was a sleepy fishing village until 2013 when it became Ocean 82.

Sexy Fruits Home made rum Gunslingers
There is more to Grand Case than restaurants, hotels, and sunsets. I'll let you go there and see what Sexy Fruits has on offer. On Tuesdays in high season, the main street is turned into a pedestrian zone with stands featuring local food, local art, several bands, and parades. It's pretty obvious what this couple is selling. Looks as if they've sampled some. Don't miss the Gunslingers steel pan band. Marching bands parade through. The Culliton family enjoys a quiet moment of quality time together while they watch the Impakt band.
Marching band Culliton family culliton family culliton family culliton family Impakt

Tropismes Gallery maison Rose
The Tropismes Gallery sells art work. The painting is by Paul Elliot Thuleau. Boheme obviously sells clothing.

If you are driving around the island, the next location to the southeast is Orient Beach, northeast is Cul de Sac and Mont Vernon and west is Marigot.

La Boheme

Cows If you are heading from Grand Case to Marigot, you'll go past Columbier tucked into a valley in the center of the island. There used to be a restaurant called La Rhumerie, but it has been gone for at least a dozen years. There are several houses along a rather long road into a lovely valley. Someone is raising chickens in Columbier quite near the main road from Marigot to Grand Case and selling eggs in the local supermarkets. However, we couldn't see any chickens, just beautiful cows, further up the valley. Cows

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