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market woman spices Garnet
One Saturday, we went to the Marigot Market and met this market woman. This colorful table has cinnamon stick, bags of pepper, nutmeg, and vanilla plus bananas, carrots, onions, and lots more. Check out the authentic St Martin garnet at The Garnet, formerly Octaedre in the market. Most photos will enlarge, if clicked. Use your back button to return.

Claude MiniClub If you get hungry, Claude's Mini-Club is at the western end of the waterfront, although it is only open for dinner. Check out the map of Marigot on the SXM-Restaurants website for better idea of where these places are located. The next dining spot is the Sucriere, bakery and snack, open for breakfast and lunch. Sucriere

The next dining spot is Sarafina's, a bakery and snack shop rising from the ashes of Havana Too. Chabin's Café has opened. Bar de la Mer closed and has now reopened as Bistro de la Mer, followed by another Bar de la Mer next door rising from its figurative ashes. Alas, it returned to ashes and is now the resurrected Thai Garden. Arawak is mostly a streetside bar, but can serve some food. La Vie en Rose has been on the edge of the Marigot Waterfront for over 20 years. Lately, it has been open for breakfast and lunch only.
Sarafina Chabin's Place Arawak La Vie en Rose

L'Oizeau Rare L'Oizeau Rare is across the street from La Vie en Rose and a few steps up the hill leading to Fort Louis. The exterior is nice, the view from the dining room is better, and the waterfalls and gardens surrounding the dining room are fantastic. waterfall

Turn left at L'Oizeau Rare and you'll see the very smart West Indies Mall beneath Fort Louis at the top of the hill, guarding Marigot harbor. Inside the mall is a lower level snack bar and upstairs is Le Fourmi, a mate to Le Cigale in Nettle Bay. Keep going past the mall and you'll reach Ô Plongeoir, a nice little restaurant across from Marina Fort Louis. Go further and you reach the end of Marigot, signalled by the lighthouse.
West Indies mall and Fort Louis Plongeoir Restaurant Lighthouse

Anguilla Ferry In front of La Vie and Rose and the West Indies Mall is the Anguilla Ferry, leaving every hour or so during the day for Blowing Point on the south side of Anguilla. If you had turned the other way at L'Oizeau Rare you would find Roland Richardson's Art Gallery on the main street (Rue de la Republique). Roland Richardson's Art Gallery

Jean-Claude's hair salon It's not all fine art as on a side street you would find Jean-Claude's hair salon. The Crazy Paradise has yet another art form, currently out of favor and closed. Crazy Paradise

Just off the waterfront is Marina La Royale, a calm corner of the lagoon loaded with boats, restaurants, and shops. In the farthest corner (southwest) one finds the Café de Paris, a recent addition serving inexpensive French cuisine. Next door is Belle Epoque which has been serving tasty bistro food and lots of it for a couple decades. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chanteclair owners, Mireille and Guillaume, tried a new chef to no avail. One of the best restaurants on the island is now shuttered.
Café de Paris La Belle Epoque Chanteclair

Spinnaker, formerly Le Village and La Main a la Pate next door are similar to Le Belle Epoque, serving bistro food at good prices. Le Galion has closed. Le Village also has a pool table and a hockey table. La Main a la Pate
Le Galion Le Village

BDLG Le France BDLG, stands for Brasserie de la Gare or in English, Brewery of the Train Station. It's not a brewery, although many restaurants originated as adjuncts to breweries giving out free or inexpensive food in an effort to sell more beer. As there are no trains on the island, the train station part is an even greater bit of whimsy. Doesn't matter much, because it is closed Around the corner is Le France, known for pretty good French cuisine at good prices. Next comes Tropicana serving French cuisine with quite a following.

Don Camillo Don Camillo was known for fine Italian cuisine around the turn of the century. La Croissanterie serves breakfast and lunch. David's, next door, is a bar with music. Le Petite Auberge des Iles had been serving inexpensive, but quite good, French cuisine for more than a decade. It changed hands and closed shortly thereafter.
Crossanterie Petite Auberge des Iles

La Petite Auberge des Iles That's the Petite Auberge's specials board. Isabella is still here selling flowers as she has for more than 20 years. That's longer than Le Saint Germain lasted. Le Marrakech is on the back side of Marigot on La Rue de Hollande. Marrekech features Moroccan cuisine in an authentic setting that he imported from Morocco and assembled here.
Isabella Marrakech

If you are driving around the island, the next location to the east is Grand Case or head around the lagoon clockwise through Cole Bay to Simpson Bay or head counter-clockwise to Sandy Ground, Nettle Bay, and Bay Rouge.

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