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Vins sans Frontieres Bay Rouge Vins sans Frontieres
This is the Vins sans Frontieres delivery truck parked at the entrance to Bay Rouge. The center picture is a shot of Bay Rouge. On the right is a shot of David's Hole, a grotto in the rocky point separating Bay Rouge from Nettle Bay.

Ma Ti Beach Le Sand and Dreams are fairly new at the western end of Nettle Bay. They are followed by Ma Ti Beach. On the far side of the residential and commercial center is Layla's Beach Bar. These four restaurants/bars are the only spots for public access to Nettle Bay. Layla's

Tuna at Mario's Bistro

Just on the other side of the bridge is Mario's Bistro, one of the finest restaurants on the island. That is Mario's signature tuna with gorgonzola cheese on a bed of gnocchi with a tomato sauce.

US Imports

Rocky's Ideal Snack

A bit further is Rocky's Ideal Snack serving BBQ that can't be beat. It's especially handy if you are shopping at Simply (previously US Import) for fine French produce. That is the old storefront on the left.

A little bit further is the stadium and tennis complex and just past that is Cadisco on the lagoon. They have consistently been the cheapest gas station on the island. If you are driving around the island, the next location to the east is Marigot or head west to the Lowlands and Cupecoy.

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