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moussaka This is a Moussaka based on Paula Wolfert's Mediterranean Cooking. We used our own eggplant and new potatoes and yogurt and ground lamb from 3-Corner Field Farm here in Salem, NY. The photo isn't beautiful but the tastes are fantastic, especially when accompanied by a sturdy Rhone wine.

Moussaka is Greek and I don't know of a Greek restaurant on the island, but lamb is often found in Moroccan restaurants and one of the finest on St Martin is Marrakech Restaurant in Marigot.

3 Corner Field farm This is 3 Corner Field Farm in Shushan, NY, a hamlet in the already rather small town of Salem, NY. They raise sheep on pasture, producing dairy products and meat. Best of all you can order it on line, although a trip to Washington County in eastern New York on the Vermont border would be a great weekend getaway, especially as the leaves turn in the fall. We usually have some of the various cheeses and yogurt in our refrigerator. We also attend a fundraiser for a local restoration project that features more of their products (and those of other local farms). Zoe

Shushan Valley Hydro Farm Shushan Valley Hydro Farm supplies fresh tomatoes and herbs year round at Hannafords in the Albany area and at the Green Market in New York City. What could be better than a fresh Caprese salad: tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, olive oil, and a dash of balsamic vinegar? Caprese Salad

Lewis Waite farm Lewis Waite Farm features grass fed and finished beef, an extremely lean and nutritious beef. The art of dry aging tenderizes the beef and concentrates its wonderful beefy flavor. In addition, no growth hormones and no low level antibiotics are given to our herd and no animal by-products or other unnatural feed additives are included in their diet.

Salade Niçoise This is a Salade Niçoise. Niçoise means as found in Nice, which means it contains tomatoes, black olives, garlic, and anchovies. In the case of the salad, one adds green beans, onions, tuna, hard-boiled eggs, and herbs. In this case the tomatoes, garlic, green beans, eggs, and herbs came from our property. Anchovies and tuna are hard to find on top of a hill in eastern NY and olives aren't likely to happen either. We added new potatoes from Sheldon Farms, about four miles away on Route 22 just south of the village of Salem, NY.

Make your own version at home and add a rosé for a great lunch, but if you are on the island, check out Kakao Beach and Saint Séverin Restaurant.

We are a group of small, artisinal cheesemakers. Visit our website for more information.

Flying Pig, Jennifer Small, and Mike Yezzi This is a Flying Pig, Jennifer Small, and Mike Yezzi. Mike and Jennifer own Flying Pigs Farm also in Shushan, NY. Pork from Flying Pigs Farm is not like the meat you buy at the supermarket. Nor is it like the pretty packages of meat featured in specialty catalogs. They offer something different — something almost extraordinary — humanely raised rare heritage breed pork that tastes great. It's raised on pasture and you can order it on line. We have sampled the sausage with pasta, and our own tomatoes, peppers, and onions - perfection.

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