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Looking for great snorkeling? Stop in at the Grand Case Beach Club activities desk. Sebby can take you out to the best snorkeling on the island at Créole Rock.

needlefish As soon as we jumped in the water we were surrounded by needlefish. Not this many, but about a dozen. We had to look up toward the surface to see them as the swim about a foot down. You can scroll down and see the fish that we saw. You can try to guess the names of the fish and if you put your cursor on the fish, the name will appear.

tang As we swam along the rock, tangs and sergeant majors came to see us. Sergeant Major

goatfish parrotfish
Down below, goatfish stuck their barbules into the sand looking for something to eat. Parrot fish with their sharp beaks crunch up bits of coral and extrude sand. This is the very colorful stoplight parrotfish. Most are not this colorful.

Pipefish yellowtail snapper
These guys were all around us. The trunkfish shows up on menus. The soldierfish is quite bashful. The pipefish really does spend most of his time with his head on the bottom and his tail up. Yellowtail is quite tasty. Blueheads are wrasses. If the male/female balance gets out of whack, some females will turn into larger blueheads (males).

puffer barracuda
Sebby coaxed this poor puffer out a cave. They look so sad or frightened with their big eyes and vacant stare. This one had lots to be sad about as a barracuda had taken his tail.

Random Wind There are other places to snorkel on the island and other approaches. There's more info on snorkeling in our beaches section and more info on snorkel trips in our activities section.

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