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Our newsletter will be published every week or two over the winter and every month or so over the summer. It will cover restaurants, beaches, attractions, and happenings. Look for coupons and special offers from island establishments. Copies of previous newsletters can be found here. Just click this e-mail link and tell us your name (make it up if you wish), don't change the subject, and we'll add you to our list. However, here's a better offer: We almost always have a contest in conjunction with one of our website clients. Just go to the contest page and then jump over to the sponsoring site. Look it over and click the appropriate link to sign up for the SXM-Info newsletter. We'll enter you in the contest and sign you up for the newsletter.

If you use AOL or have any email blocking software, note that you will receive the newsletter from esk@SXM-Info.com. It will be about 50K and will arrive via mail forwarding software.

We have a privacy policy, but basically we don't snoop into your computer cookies nor sell your email address. We won't give it away, nor will we use it for anything but the newsletter.